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Frequently Asked Questions

In theory yes, but we always want to ensure we can actually deliver a service! We always insist on an initial site survey to ensures that a) we can source appropriate replacement parts for the job before entering into a contractural arrangement and b) we can inspect the current condition of the equipment in order to understand its legal/serviceable condition before a contract commences.

In a word no. Although your "competancy" is the only measurement by which you might be permitted to install your own equipment we strongly believe that in a safety critical environment it is essential that the equipment is installed by an independant body who have experience of installing; not only the equipment concerned, but also the relevant safety regulations controlling a safe installation. You might argue that you are competant to do the work yourself, but to be truly competant you must have 'the training, skills, experience and knowledge' to safely achieve the installation.



This depends on the equipment concerned. We are willing to train individuals to self-calibrate our own equipment provided only that the necessary equipment to calibrate is available on the site concerned - in other words if you purchase or hold the correct rig, we can train you in order to competantly conduct the calibration; however some equipment requires that the individual is accredited (e.g. emissions testing equipment) and so therefore it is not possible for every item of equipment to be self-calibrated in this manner.

Not a problem whatsoever. We can provide whatever level of support you require - free telephone advice is always available, we can assist in the production of drawings to support an MoT bay application you might be making yourself through to applying for local authority planning permission to meet VOSA requirements - please call us for more information and pricing.

Not at all, how you pay the bill is your business and not ours. We can invoice whichever funder you are placed with.