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Automated Test Lane Packages (ATL)

atl mot bay

Many garages looking to integrate a new mot bay to their garage consider an automated or automatic test lane or "ATL". This is because an ATL bay offers a repeatable method of assessment and the test is based on the vehicle in its "as presented" rather than a tabular condition.

A GETECH automated test lane package contains all the equipment required for a workshop to become approved within the MOT scheme. We also include, free of charge, a host of support services to enable the project to come to fruition in the shortest time possible and this support will enable you to run any existing business interests whilst we concentrate on achieving the approval with the Vehicle Inspectorate.

Packages can be supplied for use either on a traditional vehicle lift arrangement, or, where headroom is limited, an inspection pit. All our packages are so flexible that you can opt for either PC based or Tablet Based operation coupled with ultra-reliable PCB technology that ensures that your equipment works; whatever the weather or wherever the location - and all this without the need to cite unsightly floor mounted consoles into your building.

With a GETECH package you are not only investing in high quality equipment, but also into superb service back-up so that in those rare times of crisis you are supported by our own in-house Service Department who will get you operational again with the minimum of inconvenience.

Whatever your specification, we can build a bespoke testing line for you! With such flexibility in the design of our products, why would you purchase your ATL anywhere else? Give us a call and we will build and quote your perfect solution.

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Class 4 Automated Test Lanes

Class 4 ATL test bay packages are available to suit both lift based and inspection pit installations. With a complete package of equipment that exceeds DVSA/VOSA requirements, the opportunity exists to further upgrade our ATL package to a combined bay to allow the testing of Class I/II motorcycles although for pit based ATL's care must be taken with the position of the roller brake tester to ensure that a combined bay can be approved in the future.



Equipment Specifications


Class 7 Automated Test Lanes

Where the space is available an upgrade to Class 7 testing is often desirable as it adds the scope to capture a larger market; class 4, class 5 lightweight as well as Class 7. Automated test packages are available for lift and pit based installations and further upgrades are possible to allow motorcycles to be tested due to our clever modular design ethos.

Equipment Specifications