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Brake Testing Kits for Bus & Coach Operators

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Bus & Coach operators can benefit from a robust "Duty of Care" preventative maintenance regime related to their vehicles braking systems with our complete kit which is available from stock.

The digital electronic meter contained within this kit allows both service and hand brake tests to be performed, measured and recorded in a simple, repeatible test routine. Test results, once captured during this simple operating cycle, can be viewed immediately on the brake meters display and then printed out as a hard-copy using the infra red portable printer which ensures that test results are immediately attached to the vehicles service record in order to prevent cross contamination of results.

This decelerometer operates with 4 rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries which power-down after a period of inactivity to maximise battery life and since the Bowmonk is supplied with a 2 year calibration certificate and is also calibrated bi-yearly (most others are calibrated yearly) the overall running costs of this unit are significantly less than other available units considering the projected lifespan of this essential brake testing equipment.

Ultimately, Bowmonk brake check is the best value instrument available – small wonder then it has become the “industry standard”.


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Bus & Coach Kit

The Bowmonk Bus & Coach kit offers the complete package for fleet operators. Supplied in a hard carry case and with the addition of an infra-red remote printer, fleet brakes can be quickly and accurately examined before the results are printed and attached to specific vehicle records before the possibility for cross contamination of results can occur.

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  • Use for DVSA 'Duty of Care' Evidence

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