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"Combined" MoT Bay Package

A combined MoT bay is an inspection lane with the capability to test all vehicle classes. This is achieved within a similar equipment footprint that would be expected for normal class 4 or class 7 testing with the roller brake tester shared for all classes.

In addition to the upgrade which is required within the brake rollers, a set of wheel alignment equipment, additional inspection tools and an adaptor bracket to fit the brake meter (used as a back up to the roller brake tester) are also supplied.

Within our "all class package" we include all the equipment required for you to gain the authorisation but also a complete project management service that will guide you through the pre-application phase to full approval.

With the option to either "go straight to all class testing" or to upgrade in stages, our totally modular design gives you the ultimate freedom to grow your MoT bay investment in line with your own requirements rather than based on the limited flexibility that other manufacturers are able to provide you.

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Combined MoT Bay Package

For multiple class sites our latest generation mot bay packages can be fully integrated into combined bays for all vehicle class testing. A majority of combined bays only set out to achieve class 1, 2, 4, 5L & 7 mot testing equipment and don't opt for class 3 testing - however in theory this option also exists for our customers.

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A combined bay is 'simply' an upgrade to an automated bay that adds additional capability to test motorcycles. There's a little more to it than that in reality as some other additional equipment is required and the space envelope for the testing bay changes somewhat over a "normal bay requirement".


Equipment Package Contains:

  • Laser Headlight Aligner
  • 4 Post Lift
  • Integrated Hydraulic Play Detector
  • Recessed Mounted Turnplates
  • Jacking Beam
  • Roller Brake Tester c/w Motorcycle Adaptor Kit
  • Combined Emissions Analyser
  • Complete Ancillary Pack
  • Wheel Alignment Equipment
  • Additional MoT Tools

Also included free within this package:

  • DVSA application paperwork (VT01)
  • Council planning assistance*
  • Personal project manager
  • Delivery
  • Installation to a prepared site
  • DVSA approval paperwork (Certificates)
  • 12 Month calibration contract
  • 5 year extended warrranty
* Some exclusions apply.


  1. Standard Installation Drawing: Class 4 MoT Bays (Lift Based)
  2. Standard Installation Drawing: Class 7 MoT Bays (Lift Based)
  3. Standard Installation Drawing: Class 4 MoT Pit Bay
  4. Standard Installation Drawing: Class 7 MoT Pit Bay
  • Lift
  • Pit
  • Lift Based Bay Data Sheets pdf
  • Pit Based Bay Data Sheets pdf