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Double Laser Headlamp Beam Tester

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We now can supply our own GE5418L laser atl specification headlight aligner for use either as a VOSA approved product for use within the MOT scheme or as a standalone diagnosis tool.

The unit is approved for all vehicle class testing, with the exception of HGV's, and its integral double lasers ensure that complete accuracy is attained.

Using a rail mounted arrangement, the measurement is carried out as the vehicle enters the range of the optical head. Initially the laser at the top of the unit is used in order to check that the headlight tester is perfectly in line with the presented vehicle before a second laser, contained within the body of the unit, is used to identify the exact centre of the bulb to be measured.

Using this double laser system the headlight's alignment can be quickly and easily checked, and with its on-board lux-o-meter, the unit is also capable of checking the intensity of the headlamp beam bulbs just by changing the vehicle lights to full beam and reading from the integrated digital scale.

Although this item can be installed by any competent fitter, the unit requires calibration and 12 months worth of calibrations are included within our fitted price.

As with all GETECH products, this unit benefits from an 5 year extended parts warranty and is fully supported post-sale to ensure your continued satisfaction with the products operation.

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GE5418L Headlight Tester

Our DVSA approved double laser type headlight tester is approved for testing class 2 (motorcycles), class 4 (car) or class 7 (car, PSV & light commercial) vehicles. The double lasers offer the most accurate headlamp aim measurement possible when testing vehicles and the robust design means that we offer an extended 5 year warranty on this product.

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  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Double Laser for precision measurement
  • Rail mounted
  • 2005 spec approved - suitable for testing double ellipsoid and xenon headlamps
  • Integrated intensity meter
  • Optical range: 300mm-500mm
  • Complete fixing pack included
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