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Opting for a finance lease is a great way for you to purchase our equipment with its superior warranty as opposed to a cheaper, inferior product. In doing this you are not only keeping your cash within the business, but the rentals are 100% tax allowable and the payments you make are fixed for the entire term which makes budgeting for your purchase easy.

It isn't just established businesses which can benefit from the tax advantages that equipment leasing can offer. Financing is available for nearly any situation over £1000; and this includes new start businesses through to major established multi-site brands. It is normally relatively inexpensive when the true nett cost is calculated by your accountant.

Although GETECH are registered at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer finance leases on our goods and services, we instead use a professional finance house who, through a comprehensive network of funding lines, are able to provide the best finance solutions for nearly all applicants from new starts businesses through to established companies. 

This in turn allows us to stick to supplying, maintaining and calibrating garage equipment - our core business.

Since decisions in nearly all but the most complicated cases can be achieved within 48 hours, and most within the day, you can be assured that you will have the minimum amount of inconvenience in obtaining the best possible specification and quality of equipment which will truly allow your business to flourish - all at a price you can afford!

For more information on financing for your project, please call our office on 0844 800 9785 where we can discuss the approximate costs of your project and outline the benefits with you in more detail.





Jump Start

If you are opening a garage from stratch then you are normally looking at a sizeable initial capital purchase requirement. Balancing start-up costs with initial working capital can be difficult but with our JUMPSTART package you can secure the financing for the entire project.

JUMPSTART is a solution for a new applicants where little initial financing is available. With a good business plan and 3 months personal bank statements it is usually possible to secure the necessary finances required for your workshop project.

Call 0844 800 9785 for more information on this, or any other of our leasing packages.


Low Start

Flexibility is often key to business success and this certainly applies to the financing of capital equipment and for complete garage start-ups. Our LOW START finance package allows you to secure finance at a competitive initial rate allowing more flexible use of available funds.

LOWSTART is an option for a 'majority of applicants who have some trading history' and are looking to expand their garage operations further.


0% Deposit

Finance 100% of the total cost eliminating the need for a large deposit. You don't pay your employees in advance so why pay more than you need at the earliest stages of key projects?

Our 0% deposit option allows you to commit to new equipment projects without the need for a deposit.

However in order to gain such a competive deal on your project your financial situation would need to be 'better than average'.



Buy Now - Pay Later

Buy Now and Pay Later is an offer which is available to those putting together large capital projects where cash flow may be critical in the first months of operation.

Opportunities exist, in some cases of good credit, to achieve a Buy Now - Pay Later lease arrangement.

This can defers any lease payments for the first 3 months of the deal. This offer is likely to be only available for established businesses or those with better than average credit and normally for larger projects where cash flow is predicted to be constrained in the initial trading months of the business.