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Motorcycle Equipment


A small range of specialist motorcycle garage equipment to cover all requirements from a new start business through to established multi-site franchises.

From a simple air compressor to run your workshop through to ultra-professional tyre changers, wheel balancers or mot equipment, including a complete motorcycle mot equipment package - we will have a high quality solution that will not only meet your expectations - but exceed them.

All our equipment can be purchased either outright or by means of a tax efficient lease acquisition package. We have a range of funders available to us so irrespective of if you are a new start or already established, we can make your money go further by normally achieving such a competitive rate you will be able to obtain the best solution rather than being limited by budget.

GETECH Garage Equipment not only supply specialist motorcycle solutions; our expertise across vehicle servicing and workshop design across all vehicle classes means that we also supply pipework services; even professional storage solutions where they are required so if you have specific requirements and cannot locate the appropriate product or service, please call us direct on 0844 800 9785 for further assistance.



14/100 3HP Portable Air Compressor

Our "smallest" compressor is a features a high output of 14.5cfm, a huge 100 litre tank and is powered by a 3Hp motor. Pre-fitted with wheels and a handle, this is a totally portable solution suitable for various workshop applications.


  • Large 14.5cfm air displacement
  • Fully automatic
  • Fully portable
  • Fitted with regulator and gauge for controlled air pressure
  • 3Hp motor - 8 bar max. working capacity - 230V
  • 100 litre receiver
motorcycle_mot_bay, class_2_mot_package

Motorcycle MoT Bay

We supply a complete package to turn your MoT bay project into reality in the shortest time.

Not only does the package contain all the equipment required by the DVSA for a test lane to be authorised but we also assign you a project manager to manage the introduction and add in additional equipment in order to allow the MoT testers to concentrate purely on the 'quality of test' rather than the operation of the equipment or the gathering of the acquired data...

For more information on this package open the drop down menu below...


  • Laser Headlight Aligner
  • Roller Brake Tester
  • Scientific Printer
  • MoT Tools
  • MoT Sign Pack
  • Alignment Equipment
  • Decelerometer

Also included free within this package;

  • DVSA application paperwork (VT01)
  • Council planning assistance
  • Personal project manager
  • Brake tester installation frame
  • Delivery
  • Installation to a prepared site
  • DVSA approval paperwork (Certificates)
  • 12 Month calibration contract
  • 5 year extended warranty
* Some exclusions apply.

Standard Installation Drawing: Motorcycle MoT Bay

GETECH Motorcycle Bay Equipment

Motorcycle Bay Data Sheets pdf


GE2 motorcycle brake tester

The GE2 class 2 roller brake tester is designed for mot brake inspections on motorcycles and it is capable of testing all configurations, including those with sidecars, as standard.

All brake test measurements are automatically captured during a simple operating cycle and, since this roller brake tester has an integrated weighing facility, it also then can automatically calculates the braking efficiency so when the product is used as part of a motorcycle mot test bay, the result can be easily be entered into the VTS device.

Please call 0844 800 9785 for specific information on this product.


  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Modern LED digital display
  • Roller cover included as standard
  • Floor frame included
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Individual axle weights displayed
  • Integrated weighing
  • Automatic calculation of braking efficiency
  • Bi-directional
This item can be purchased as a supply only product without the floor frame using the "OFFER PRICE" tab.

Our price :£4998.00 inc.VAT

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Our price :£5874.00 inc.VAT

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All products prices inc VAT and delivery to the UK mainland

Video - GE2 Roller Brake Tester

Data Sheet - GE2 Roller Brake Tester pdf

motorcycle_decelerometer, motorcycle_brake_meter

Bowmonk for Motorcycles

When the DVSA approved motorcycle adapter is fitted to the Bowmonk BrakeCheck decelerometer the standard unit can also be used as a back up for mot braking testing or quick accurate diagnosis of a motorcycle braking system.


As Bowmonk Brakecheck and additionally

  • Motorcycle Mounting Bracket

Our price :£534.00 inc.VAT

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Bowmonk [Motorcycle] Video

Bowmonk Data Sheet pdf



The GE11-Moto is a semi-automatic, motorcycle tyre changer with heavy duty construction and space saving 'swing arm' design. The unique twin assist arm system ensures all rims and tyres are handled with ease and with maxium care.

Our price :£2274.00 inc.VAT

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GE11-Moto Tyre Changer Video



The GE200-Moto is a motorised wheel balancer that incorporates a patented universal mounting kit. This system for mounting scooter and motorcycle wheels ensures complete coverage of all types of rim. Overall, the GE200-Moto offers a compact design, ultra-low spin speed, combined with the fastest cycle time available, making this balancer the perfect partner for any motorcycle workshop.

A handspin version is also available.

Our price :£4314.00 inc.VAT

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GE2543 600Kg Motorcycle Lift

Our 600Kg motorcycle lift table is designed and manufactured by OMA garage equipment in Italy. It has the option of either pneumatic or hydraulic pump operation and includes a drop out portion from the centre of the ramp to aid rear wheel removal.


  • Lifting height: 1030 mm
  • Lateral foot guards designed for tool storage
  • Mechanical safety device
  • Safety valve in case of sudden loss of pressure
  • Drop-out table for disassembly of rear wheel

Motorcycle Special Offer

A very special (but limited) offer for existing MoT test stations wanting to include Motorcycle testing as part of their services.


  • Headlight Tester
  • Roller Brake Tester
  • Complete Sign Pack
  • Wheel Alignment Cords
  • Delivery (within mainland UK)
  • Installation (to a prepared site)
  • Certification (ALL VOSA certification included
  • 12 Month Calibration Contract

Our price :£7000.00 inc.VAT

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All products prices inc VAT and delivery to the UK mainland


Motorcycle Ancillary Pack

We stock complete MoT ancillary packs including all the ancillary items required by vehicle testing stations.


  • Complete set of signs
  • Wheel alignment equipment
  • MoT tools
  • MoT notice board
  • Tyre tread width gauge
  • Low voltage handlamp

Our price :£324.00 inc.VAT

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All products prices inc VAT and delivery to the UK mainland


GEMCA - Wheel Aligner

This new Laser alignment system for Motor Cycles facilitates exceptionally accurate alignment of the rear wheel and drive chain. It is quick, simple and accurate and a complete diagnosis of the rear wheel in two planes can be carried out in less than 2 minutes.


  • Measures from the Fulcrum point of the motorcycle, the swinging arm
  • Attaches to the motorcycle by means of a revolutionary fixture
  • Quick and easy fixing to swinging arm spindle
  • All measurements are taken from one position
  • Uses an elongated laser beam
  • Laser beam produces a straight edge in two planes
  • Made from high quality materials and components
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Battery operated
  • No moving parts within the laser head
  • Wall board presentation
  • Designed and manufactured by Supertracker
  • Neat and compact
  • Cost effective
  • Works in conjunction with all types of motorcycle stand