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GETECH GE2 Motorcycle Brake Tester

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GETECH GE2 has been designed to allow the MOT tester to concentrate on the quality of the test rather than the operation of the equipment as all test results can be displayed again at the end of the test.

The GETECH GE2 class 1 and 2 motorcycle brake testing equipment is some of the most advanced available and has been specifically designed to allow the testing of every possible motorcycle combination, including those with sidecars, those with linked braking systems, ABS and more.

The use of the an infra-red remote control allows wireless contact between examiner and unit but, in the event of loss or damage to the remote, a secondary control system is also included on the side of the LED digital display.

Operation of the unit couldn't be easier! Simply press the forward button on the remote control and the presented axle is weighed and then automatically starts for the physical brake test assessment. When the data is acquired and displayed on the screen the examiner simply allocates the result to the approriate brake control (BC1 or BC2) for front, rear or sidecar before continuing the test on the other axle(s).

Since the unit has a integrated weighing system, at the end of the test individual readings can not only be seen for each axle and brake control system but also the GE2 can automatically calculate the overall braking efficiency of the motorcycle - results that can then be printed directly to the scientific printer for easy entry into the VTS device.

The GE2 requires a single phase, 25 Amp electrical supply and is usually available from stock.

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GE2 motorcycle brake tester

The GE2 class 2 roller brake tester is designed for mot brake inspections on motorcycles and it is capable of testing all configurations, including those with sidecars, as standard.

All brake test measurements are automatically captured during a simple operating cycle and, since this roller brake tester has an integrated weighing facility, it also then can automatically calculates the braking efficiency so when the product is used as part of a motorcycle mot test bay, the result can be easily be entered into the VTS device.

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  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Modern LED digital display
  • Roller cover included as standard
  • Floor frame included
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Individual axle weights displayed
  • Integrated weighing
  • Automatic calculation of braking efficiency
  • Bi-directional
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