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Motorcycle Trader Offer




Complete Motorcycle Testing Bay - Motorcycle Trader Offer

A complete suite of the MOT and ancillary equipment required by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to get an approved MOT testing bay within your premises. Simply pay the initial deposit to reserve your bay for a very special price; with the option to include a full 5 year servicing package and 5 years DVSA calibrations with a further discount against standard pricing.


  • GETECH GE5418L Double Laser, Rail Mounted Headlight Aligner
  • GETECH GE2 Roller Brake Tester
    • c/w Integrated Weighing, Scientific Printer & Installation Floor Frame
  • Complete Ancillary Pack
    • incl. Signs, Notice Board, Alignment Bars, Brake Meter & Bracket
  • Initial Calibration of Equipment
  • DVSA approval paperwork (Calibration & Level)


Key Benefits of this Package:

  • A complete package of equipment
  • Includes a free scientific printer for GETECH GE2 brake tester
  • Delivery and Installation to a prepared site also included
  • Initial Calibrations & DVSA Installation Paperwork for all Equipment included

Further Exclusive Offer:

  • Add a fully "on-demand" and inclusive, 5 Year Calibration & Servicing Package for Only £2,995


How to Apply: 

  • Pay an initial, deductible deposit of £500 + VAT online. Total Bay Price: £6,495 + VAT

  • We will then contact you to discuss the project, assist with any paperwork, arrange delivery, installation - We can even assist with gaining a finance package if one is required.


Prefer to order over the telephone? Call 0844 800 9785 and give code ref: TraderDeal2019 to get the same benefits.

  • Initial Deposit (Trader)
  • Our price :£600.00 inc.VAT

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