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One Person Test Lanes


A One Person Test Lane is subtly different to a Fully Automated (ATL) bay.

For a majority of garages the OPTL option offers the opportunity to remove the cost of the assistant from the MoT test whilst minimising initial purchase costs of the equipment: OPTL is only different to ATL in terms of the type of roller brake tester used.

In an ATL based test lane, the brake tester has an integrated weighing system which measures the presented vehicles weight which it then uses for its efficiency calculations. For OPTL the weight used for the calculation is a tabular one provided by the DVSA system.

For One Person Testing with a GETECH GE4 or GE7 standard brake tester, little change is actually seen by the MOT tester. All GETECH brake testing equipment has the facility to easily add the vehicle weight from the MOT computer using the infra red remote at the end of the test. Braking efficiency figures can still therefore be automatically calculated by the machine rather than the man in the same way as for ATL testing.

Based on the published regulations, One Person Testing is usually the correct options to consider. However, with a totally modular design concept to our mot equipment, we are able to offer you complete flexibility:

Install a GETECH MOT bay today at minimum cost, whilst maintaining an option for you to upgrade the MOT bay; to either a fully automated test bay or a combined bay (with integrated motorcycle testing) if so desired at a later date.


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Class 4 One Person Test Lanes

An OPTL enable you to start MoT testing with the minimum investment and our Class 4 package contains all the equipment you will require in order to gain approval from VOSA / DVSA. Our double laser headlight tester, which is common to all our equipment packages, enables the most accurate analysis of headlight beam pattern to be achieved whilst for lift based installations our 4 Tonne, electro-hydraulic 4 post lift has a capacity in excess of minimum requirements.


For sites with minimal headroom OPTL's can still be achieved using an inspection pit which offers the opportunity to achieve the bay in smaller premises or to open up additional markets whilst simultaniously eliminating the 6 monthly inspections required by law on vehicle lifts.


Class 7 One Person Test Lanes

Our Class 7 OPTL package contains, as standard, a 4 Tonne; 5.2m platform lift but we recommend considering an upgrade to a 5 Tonne, 5.7m variant to enable you to more easily deal with long wheelbase vans. The complete package contains all the equipment you will require for an authorisation to be granted and we also include a full project management service to facilitate the shortest lead time possible to approval with DVSA / VOSA.


As with our class 4 package there is also an opportunity to test using an inspection pit which opens up additional markets including Class 5 Lightweight and/or limousines. Where an existing inspection pit is not in the premises we can supply a fully fabricated pit with services to eliminate concerns over water penetration and to ensure dimensional conformity.