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Other Services

GETECH have the necessary expertise to enable us to provide assistance for a variety of projects such as new workshop design, integration of new capital equipment within an existing workshop operation or even to totally redesign an existing workshop to improve the workflow through it.

We are often used by architects to assist with the layout of equipment within new premises and to ensure that all necessary standards are achieved in the realised project.

Since we are also manufacturers of MOT equipment, we are also fully conversant with MOT regulations and this intimate knowledge can be used by you to assist with the project management of VT01 applications either with us managing the entire application for you or just by producing the supporting drawings for both the VT01 application and the civil / electrical provisioning work to define the preparation work which is required to achieve the DVSA's approval of your MOT bay.

In recent years we have become more active and knowledgeable in the area of local authority planning and we can also assist your project in this phase by with your local authority to achieve changes of use, certificates of lawful development or if full planning permission is required - complete assistance with that.

This is by no means the limit of our expertise and you can browse our various services below.

If you need help with your MOT related problem or project call GETECH - "The MOT Professionals" on 0844 800 9785 now!



Fabricated Inspection Pits

If you are opting to install an MoT bay by using an inspection pit then a fabricated solution is an essential consideration. Any concerns over water penetration can be immediately forgotten and the pit itself can be supplied with lighting, power, air, oil or indeed any other desired service prior to installation.

Read our blog article 'Pits Vs. Lifts for MoT Test Bays'


  • Totally bespoke or standard solutions available
  • Includes Lighting, power and PCL connections as standard
  • Suitable for MoT or ATF stations


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CAD Drawings

We have a team of CAD experts who are able to expertly advise you on all types of garage equipment installation. In order to complete the necessary drawings for VOSA or your new garage venture we conduct a site visit, produce the drawings on site and agree which schemes are preferred before generating supporting drawings for all services.

Read our blog article 'MoT Bay Layouts'

There is a balance to strike when designing a workshop layout either from scratch or when consolidating an existing workshop to include new equipment, an MOT testing bay or even just to improve work flow through the workshop.

We can visit your site, survey the complete environment and then produce a series of drawings to allow your business to develop through new equipment installations or flow improvements. Our expertise will enable you to balance the quantity of equipment with the space envelope you have available which means you won't end up in a cramped working environment or in one which has insufficient capacity to allow you business to flourish.

If you are integrating a new MOT testing facility and have applied to the DVSA you may have been refused permission on your original application due to the inadequacecy of the drawings you supplied. GETECH can be employed to produce this drawing, and also the additional civil and electrical installation drawings you will need post pre-approval to successfully achieve the approval of the premises once the equipment has been installed.

To speak to us about a DVSA drawing requirement, a relocation project, new start workshop or other project where CAD coupled with our expertise will enable you to maximise your chances of success then call 0844 800 9785 to talk things through with a design expert.

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Planning Applications

If you are making an MoT bay application yourself then you may have run into issues relating to 'local authority consent'. We have the necessary in-depth knowledge of the local authority planning framework and can assist with full planning applications.

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You may have attempted to complete the DVSA's VT01 application form in order to start or re-locate an MOT testing station and struggled with the local authority consent aspect required to complete the evidence requirement in section C.

Our experience is that many garages who approach us discover that this aspect of the application form is too difficult for them to navigate themselves. It is not unusual for example for them to discover that a planning application is required even for an established garage.

Our expertise can in some instances eliminate the need for a planning application since we have become knowledgeable in the Town & Country classification act and can overcome a lot of the objections which might be raised.

Of course we cannot guarentee that a planning application can be avoided, however should one be required, we can quickly apply and manage this aspect of the application evidence with a strong argument that has strength in planning terms in turn minimising the risk of a refusal being issued.

If you need to discuss the specifics of your problem then call for expert advice on 0844 800 9785.

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Workshop Design

We can be employed to produce garage workshop layouts that offers the best use of the floorspace and equipment to achieve your individual requirements. From simply supplying the expertise to produce the engineering drawings, through to the complete project management of the entire realisation process from the CAD stage through to the final hand over; GETECH have the expertise to deliver.


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The best workshop designs are those which allow you to sensibly maximise the use of the floor area available to you whilst balancing the need to maintain space to locate the various other items that a workshop needs such as toolboxes, workbenches, and floor mounted tools such as oil drainers, welders or jacks. In most instances it is sensible to maximise the number of lifts which can be positioned within the building and then work back from there to create the necessary additional space.

Each installation is different as your business is different to the premises next door and only by working closely together does the optimum solution become clear.

GETECH supply this aspect of design work within MOT packages as standard, but if you are buying or have your own existing equipment we can still help if you call, during normal office hours, on 0844 800 9785.


Civil / Electrical Installation

Although a majority of customers use a local builder with whom they may have a pre-existing relationship, some decide that the scope of the works requires a contractor who is fully knowledgeable of the various regulations pertaining to MoT bays and workshops. In this situation GETECH can supply such a competant and knowlegeable civil & electrical contractor who will be able to achieve the aggressive timelines that such projects normally operate within.

Civil and electrical preperation is easier when dealing with GETECH by comparison to our competitors because, as design engineers, we have simply applied design philosophies which minimise your expenditure, are quick to achieve and are a reduced complexity. This allows you, in most instances, to complete the preperation work unaided.

A fantastic example of this is the brake tester installation frame which we use. It allows the use of rough cut holes, supports the product with an ultra-reliable metal to metal contacted solution and requires little or no concrete patching up after preperation. If for example you are replacing an old style split bed brake tester with a newer single chassis type, with a GETECH you can simply cut out the centre portion and the installation can be completed! No making good!! This of course makes us the obvious solution when you need to replace your brake tester quickly - because we usually cover the chassis in UK stock!

If you need us to manage your local builder, produce drawings of civil or electrical works, or even supply the civil or electrical contractors we can assist - both with projects involving our own equipment, but those of with other manufacturers too!

VT01 - Application for MOT Authorisation

The VT01 is the official application form sent into the DVSA in order for get approval to run an MOT testing station. The application consists of information on the garage owners but also requires the input of other external sources before a sucessful application can be made.

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Whilst applying for an MOT testing station licence has become easier in recent years, there are still a number of pieces of submission evidence which can cause delays and confusion for new applicants with no previous experience of the MOT scheme.

The most likely areas where new applications fail or stall is with "local authority consent" - as councils have become more astute at dealing with formal enquiries by forcing a planning application of some level or another; or the "installation drawing" since no indication of what is required is given within the application paperwork.

It is not uncommon in our experience to uncover that the wrong planning permission is in place for the current garage operation. In times of difficulty such as this it is often easier to task the whole of the paperwork application process to a professional supplier such as ourselves as we can navigate our way through the application procedure in a shorter time than you might be able to achieve yourself.

For more information on how we can assist you with your current application, or to employ us to deliver you a complete turnkey solution then please call 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.

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