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Inspection Pit MoT Bay Packages


If your premises has limited headroom, then all is not lost as you can still operate a modern MoT station using an inspection pit arrangement. We supply packages that allow you to achieve class 4 or class 7 mot pit testing for all types of MoT bay up to and including fully automated test lanes (ATL).

GETECH specialise in the delivery of pit based mot installations and to demonstate our equipment in this environment we have created a special playlist on our YouTube channel which showcases our mot equipment for pit installations.

Pit based installations also offer some advantages over lift based installations namely;

  • You can open additional markets e.g. Limousines
  • Running costs - Once installed a pit can last forever, whereas lifts require regular maintenance and inspection. Lifts also do have a finite life.

After deciding on a pit based mot bay for either dimensional or personal reasons a major consideration needs to be the method of construction for the pit itself. Essentially there are two options;

  • Build a pit in blockwork ensuring it it watertight and dimensionally accurate or;
  • Use a fabricated pit

The method you select will be based on a number of factors most importantly the height of the water table in the area, but there are many other factors to consider.If required GETECH can supply a fabricated pit manufactured to a bespoke design for your particular installation requirements.

Our inspection pit packages can be viewed by clicking the links in the "PRODUCTS" section below, and further information can be gained by speaking to a GETECH MoT expert directly on 0844 800 9785.

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Fabricated Inspection Pits

If you are opting to install an MoT bay by using an inspection pit then a fabricated solution is an essential consideration. Any concerns over water penetration can be immediately forgotten and the pit itself can be supplied with lighting, power, air, oil or indeed any other desired service prior to installation.

Read our blog article 'Pits Vs. Lifts for MoT Test Bays'


  • Totally bespoke solution
  • Includes Lighting, power and PCL connections as standard
  • Suitable for MoT or ATF stations

Standard Pit Package

The standard pit bay package is ideal both for garages with an existing inspection pit or for new applicants looking to get an operational mot bay with the minimum expenditure possible. Despite being the "entry-level" product within the pit bay range, quality has not been compromised in any way and this package of equipment still benefits from an extended 5 year warranty, FREE project assistance from an allocated specialist, delivery, installation and certification as well as the first years calibration contract.


  • Laser Headlight Aligner
  • Recess Mounted Turnplates
  • Jacking Beam
  • Roller Brake Tester
  • Combined Emissions Analyser
  • Complete Ancillary Pack

Also included free within this package;

  • DVSA application paperwork (VT01)
  • Council planning assistance*
  • Personal project manager
  • Brake tester installation frame
  • Delivery
  • Installation to a prepared site
  • DVSA approval paperwork (Certificates)
  • 12 Month calibration contract
  • 5 year extended warranty


Standard Installation Drawing: Class 4 MoT Bays (Pit)

Standard Installation Drawing: Class 7 MoT Bays (Pit)


One Person Pit Package

You can still gain the advantage of a one person testing lane for an inspection pit. This package is an extension of the standard pit bay package with the additional play detection equipment to eliminate the requirement for an assistant.

For pit based packages we can supply fabricated mot inspection pits to eliminate concerns of water penetration that at the same time are installed complete with standard ancillary services such as compressed air, lighting or power.

A GETECH one person test lane is also capable of further upgrade to allow class 2 motorcycle mot tests to be conducted.



  • Complete package of equipment
  • Hydraulic play detector
  • Additional ancillary equipment


Standard Installation Drawing: Class 4 MoT Bays (Pit)

Standard Installation Drawing: Class 7 MoT Bays (Pit)


ATL Pit Packages

For the most accurate mot test reporting possible an Automated Test Lane (ATL), with an integrated weighing facility on the roller brake tester coupled with a fully automated brake testing program represents the future of MoT testing as the subject vehicle is examined in the 'as presented' condition.

This complete package of equipment can be further upgraded to facilitate motorcycle testing as part of a multi-class site application.


Standard Installation Drawing: Class 4 MoT Bays (Pit)

Standard Installation Drawing: Class 7 MoT Bays (Pit)