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GETECH GE457PD Hydraulic Play Detector


Adding in a set of GETECH hydraulic wheel play detectors or shaker plates to an existing MoT bay or inspection pit allows garages to inspect steering and suspension components without an assistant in the vehicle.

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The GE457PD is operated using a wired remote control with integrated controls and torch through a complete single cycle (side to side or rotationally) returning the plate back to the original centreline location. This allows the examiner to concentrate on observing the effect of the examination rather than controlling the operation of the actual play detection equipment.

At all times during the operation cycle the hand lamp remains illuminated and the forces exerted by the play detector are less than those exerted by the road surface making it impossible to damage the vehicle. Despite the low force input to prevent vehicle damage, our play detector exceeds the VOSA force input requirement.

Designed specifically for mot pit based installations, our single plate play detector can be used to upgrade an existing test station to One Person Testing (OPTL) or as part of an automated test lane (ATL) and is supplied with a 5 year warranty.

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GE457 Pit Play Detector

The GE457 is controlled using a wired remote control which contains an inspection torch and integrated controls that control a single plate play detector which operates in the lateral and rotational directions. During the test procedure, the play detector operates through a complete cycle which enables the MOT tester to concentrate on observing the effect rather than controlling the play detector itself.

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  • 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Heavy duty pump
  • Maximum wheel load: 1500 kg
  • Maximum force applied to the center of the plate: 12 kN
  • Plate rotation: 10°
  • Lateral movement: 42 mm
  • Working pressure: 225 bar
  • Motor: 1.5 kW: 440V/50 Hz/3Ph
  • 4m hydraulic hose run included
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  • Data Sheet - GE457 Play Detector pdf