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GETECH Garage Equipment manufacture a wide range of garage equipment products and we supply and support our equipment with our own in-house service team.

All of the products supplied by GETECH are designed and manufactured within the traditional European manufacturing strongholds rather than the low cost countries like so many of our competitors. Experience in this market tells us that spending a little more on manufacturing controls pays big dividends in terms of in-field service reliability - ultimately the one thing both parties want from the relationship. It is this reliability that is synonomous with GETECH products which are backed up with an extended five year parts warranty and 24/7 technical support.

If you need any item of garage equipment, from a vehicle lift to a complete workshop re-fit GETECH garage equipment are the obvious choice with many years of experience of working in the industry. We are capable of supplying these products and services at competitive prices and with minimum delay;  next day delivery being available to most UK destinations.

We pride ourselves on our ethical stance in the market advising professionally for you to achieve your exact requirements and our existing customers will testify to the quality of our after sale care.

When you buy your garage equipment from us you are entering into a fully supported relationship from point of sale - we can even provide, subject to status, highly competitive leasing & finance packages for any of your garage equipment requirements.

The product list below allows you to browse some individual items of equipment but it also provides access to more detailed catagory pages where they might be required, however if any assistance is required, we can be contacted on 0844 800 9785.



Air-Con Recovery System

Our A/C recovery system automates the entire process of re-charging a vehicles air-con system and in order to be legally & environmentally compliant we include F-Gas training & Nitrogen leak assessment!!

With “ Fully Automatic” control of all the working cycle, automatic oil drain and charging and independent control of the low and high pressure lines, the unit also includes a temperature probe connection and can also be further on upgraded with high capacity tanks and pumps.


  • For R134a use only
  • Fully automatic
  • Full vehicle database included
  • Nitrogen leak detection included
  • Regulator included
  • F-GAS training included (1 Person)
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  • Our price :£3834.00 inc.VAT

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  • FAST200 Data Sheet pdf
air_compressor, garage_workshop_air_compressors

Air Compressors

A small range of industrial workshop compressors suitable for all professional workshop situations. You can browse our compressed air solutions by selecting your industry area from the drop down menu.

Browse our compressors by industry sector;


Brake Testers

Our own range of GETECH roller brake testers are DVSA approved for testing all classes of vehicle. They are designed to be totally modular giving you the option to minimise cost today whilst keeping your future expansion options open.

You can see general specifications and data sheets by opening up the menu below or alternatively you can visit our dedicated roller brake tester page to see individual detail on each product.

For more infomation on our DVSA approved range of Roller Brake Testers, open the drop down menu below this text


  • 5 year warranty
  • Modern LED digital display
  • Roller covers included as standard
  • Floor frame included
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Automatic calculation of braking efficiency
  • Optional integrated scales
  • Suitable for 4x4's
  • Upgradeable to ATL
  • Printer Options Available (Included with ATL RBTs)


  • Data Sheet
  • Brake Tester Range Data Sheets pdf
decelerometer, brake_meter


The Bowmonk BrakeCheck family of decelerometers are self-contained, portable, battery-powered brake meters that can be used to test and report on vehicle brake efficiencies. Several variants of the item are available, all for various specific applications.

This brake meter is supplied with a 2 year calibration certificate and ongoing calibrations for the unit are exceptionally competitive - it is for this reason that the Bowmonk BrakeCheck has become "the industry standard" brake meter tester since it first came to market.

For more information on the Bowmonk range of braking meters, open the drop down menu below this text

General Specifications:

  • Double Axis Accelerometer
  • Measures Peak Acceleration
  • Measures Peak Deceleration
  • Measures Average Deceleration
  • Brake Imbalance Measurement
  • Measures Stopping Distance
  • Measures Test Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Accurate to +/- 0.02G


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  • Bowmonk Range Data Sheets pdf

Capalec 3500 [Tablet Driven]

The MoT emissions analyser is the weak link in the MoT equipment chain since there is no on-site back-up. You therefore need a unit with a proven record of reliability - The CAPALEC 3000 Series Combined Analyser provides this reliability plus a host of additional functions.


  • Combined Unit - VOSA MOT/ATF Approved
  • OIML Class O type approved
  • CO, CO2, HC, O2 tests as standard
  • BET and fast pass testing
  • Battery RPM
  • Infra Red temperature probe
  • Diesel approved to latest VOSA specification
  • Gas analyser 60 seconds warm up
  • <5s Response time for CO, CO2, HC
  • Tablet Based remote control keyboard
  • Supplied with 12 month calibration included
  • All DVSA & GEA approval paperwork included
  • Data Sheet
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  • Capalec Data Sheet pdf
  • Our price :£5994.00 inc.VAT

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Jacking Beams

Our range of jacking beams is manufactured by OMA garage equipment in Italy. They are suitable for use with a 4 post or scissor lifts but can also be used a pit jacks on an inspection pit. These jacks have class leading jacking reach and height!

Supplied complete with an integrated safety curtain our standard jacking beam range is manual operation complete with a double action pump but options exist to include air operation across various tonnage capabilities where required.

For more information on our jacking beams open the drop down menu below this text


  • Mechanical Interlock to prevent crushing
  • Overload protection valve
  • Integrated safety curtain
  • Interchangeable, height adjustable screw pads


  • Pneumatic operation
  • Video
  • Data Sheet
  • Jacking Beam Data Sheet pdf
2_post_lift, 4_post_lift, oma_garage_equipment


A complete range of high quality European lifting equipment including 1-post, 2-post, 4-post, scissor types for service, MoT and wheel alignment work. We even have lifts designed for multiple applications to enable you to minimise your equipment expenditure. Our lifts are manufactured by OMA garage equipment under their APAC brand - we are so confident in the quality of these products we offer an extended 5 year warranty for garages who meet their legal obligations.

We have a dedicated page detailing the features of each of the vehicle lifts which we have within our range which can be visited by clicking HERE. This page only reflects our most popular products however and the range is extensive so for any specific advice which may be required then please call 0844 800 9785 for personal advice.

mot_equipment_packages, mot bays

MoT Equipment Packages

GETECH give more assistance than any other manufacturer or supplier when it comes to setting up an MoT bay. We supply complete packages of equipment for all vehicle classes and specialise in delivering "ready to run" mot bay installations.

With our totally flexible approach to design, irrespective of which vehicle class or classes of vehicle you wish to test, GETECH are the obvious, high quality yet flexible, solution for either lift or pit based mot bay installations.


You can visit our dedicated MOT Package page HERE or, for further assistance call 0844 800 9785 or browse the detailed information below.

Further Assistance:


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Play Detectors

Hydraulic play detectors to suit both lift and inspection pit installations. Adding a set of play detectors to an MoT bay allows you to eliminate your assistant and continue to test with just the MoT tester. This means that for a relatively low investment you can make some overall operating cost savings.

Products are available for all classes of testing through to HGV specification. Additionally all GETECH products all benefit from a 5 year extended parts warranty!

For more information on our range of play detectors, open the drop down menu below this text


  • Video
  • Data Sheet
  • Play Detector Data Sheet pdf
sideslip_tester, wheel_alignment

Sideslip Tester

Sideslip testing is a quick and easy way to diagnose vehicles entering the garage that are in need of wheel alignment. As the vehicle passes over the sideslip plate the tyre forces are assessed in order to judge angular mis-alignment.


Suspension Tester

An automatic method of vehicle suspension analysis using a dynamic test basis - that is the measurements are made using 'real world' conditions for the most accurate assessment of the suspension system possible.

tyre_changer, tyre_changing_equipment

Tyre Changers

A range of tyre changing equipment suitable for all applications. From motorcycle or low volume tyre shops all the way through to AG or high volume machines, we have a suitable solution that can be tailored to any specific requirements.

Browse our tyre changers by industry sector;


or you can view our entire range by clicking HERE

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tyre_shop_package, tyre_changer, wheel balancer

Tyre Shop Starter Packs

Need a complete tyre bay starter pack? We have a range of pre-assembled packages suited to most applications but, if required, we can create a completely bespoke solution to suit any specific individual requirements.


Please call us for specific package information, quotes and data sheets. Based on your specification we will guide you to the most appropriate products.

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wheel_alignment_machine, wheel_alignment

Wheel Alignment Systems

A range of wheel alignment systems to suit a range of garage requirements. From a basic laser set-up through to high quality, professional imaging solutions suited to OEM dealer level installations or wheel alignment specialists, we have a suitable solution.


We are currently producing a new range of wheel alignment systems and packages. For more information on our wheel alignment systems and lifts please call 0844 800 9785

wheel_balancer, wheel_balancing_equipment

Wheel Balancers

A range of Wheel Balancers designed to deal with any automotive situation that presents itself to your forecourt. Irrespective of if you are a new start-up, experienced tyre professional or commercial specialist we have top quality, professional solutions.


Browse our wheel balancers by industry sector;

or you can view our entire range by clicking HERE

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