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Setting Up an MOT Testing Bay

Setting up an MOT bay in your garages couldn't be much easier with assistance from GETECH!

When it comes to setting up an MOT testing bay, GETECH are the obvious choice to be the expert addition to your team. We can get your testing facility approved in the shortest time possible; because from first principles through to realisation, we can unlock all the doors to make the entire experience quick and hassle-free.

Setting up an MOT bay is much more than just VT01 form filling. Integrating an MOT testing bay into an existing garage requires years of experience in order to achieve a result that does not interfere with existing operations in the garage and for new premises, we can assist you throughout all stages of the planning and realisation phases to ensure that the end result exceeds your expectations.

This may involve undertaking planning applications, managing various contractors throughout the process - far more than normally on offer from an equipment manfacturer and because we include these services as standard to our own customers, we are also able to offer these services to individuals who may be struggling with their own application. The services include:

  • VT01 Form Completion

The VT01 form is an application which tells the DVSA information about who is applying to operate an MOT station i.e an individual, partnership, company and that how the proposed MOT bay will meet the dimensional, reporting and viewing requirements for authorisation. As part of the application process external evidence is required from Local Council's and solicitors and this process of obtaining this information can become time consuming for the layman to undertake when, in all likelyhood, they will only undertake one such project in the lifetime of their business.

To find out more about VT01 Applicationsfollow THIS LINK
  • Detailed Site Surveys

As part of the VT01 application the results of a detailed site survey are required to produce drawings and layout of the proposal so that the DVSA are able to visualise the proposal and make comment accordingly. The specific requirements related to these drawings are published in the public domain, but the DVSA will reject any drawing which does not meet their own requirements and so employing GETECH to undertake such a survey to produce both the drawing required for the VT01 application and then the corresponding approved civil and electrical requirement can eliminate the changes of your application bouncing back and fore, or the risk of civil or electrical errors which result in a failure to authorise.

To find out more about a Site Survey requirement, follow THIS LINK

  • Local Authority Planning Applications

Local planning services are also included to our customers or available on demand. The rules related to an MOT bay are confusing and within planning regulations dependant on the specifics of a site an MOT bay can actually be classified within a couple of planning catagories.

We have become experts in this field over the last 5 years and GETECH are probably unique in assiting in this area and can often avoid the entire requirement of planning permissions and even where some kind of planning application is actuallyrequired, we can ensure that we make the strongest case from a planning perspective is presented to maximise the changes that you will be granted permission to proceed.

To find out more about a Planning Applications for MOT Bays, follow THIS LINK



GETECH's expert project team can deliver your MOT bay project faster, by undertaking all this preliminary work on your behalf within our standard project packages; and with equipment benefitting from a 5 year extended parts warranty.

When it comes to setting up an MOT testing bay, GETECH are the Company to Choose!


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CAD Drawings

We have a team of CAD experts who are able to expertly advise you on all types of garage equipment installation. In order to complete the necessary drawings for VOSA or your new garage venture we conduct a site visit, produce the drawings on site and agree which schemes are preferred before generating supporting drawings for all services.

Read our blog article 'MoT Bay Layouts'

There is a balance to strike when designing a workshop layout either from scratch or when consolidating an existing workshop to include new equipment, an MOT testing bay or even just to improve work flow through the workshop.

We can visit your site, survey the complete environment and then produce a series of drawings to allow your business to develop through new equipment installations or flow improvements. Our expertise will enable you to balance the quantity of equipment with the space envelope you have available which means you won't end up in a cramped working environment or in one which has insufficient capacity to allow you business to flourish.

If you are integrating a new MOT testing facility and have applied to the DVSA you may have been refused permission on your original application due to the inadequacecy of the drawings you supplied. GETECH can be employed to produce this drawing, and also the additional civil and electrical installation drawings you will need post pre-approval to successfully achieve the approval of the premises once the equipment has been installed.

To speak to us about a DVSA drawing requirement, a relocation project, new start workshop or other project where CAD coupled with our expertise will enable you to maximise your chances of success then call 0844 800 9785 to talk things through with a design expert.

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Planning Applications

If you are making an MoT bay application yourself then you may have run into issues relating to 'local authority consent'. We have the necessary in-depth knowledge of the local authority planning framework and can assist with full planning applications.

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You may have attempted to complete the DVSA's VT01 application form in order to start or re-locate an MOT testing station and struggled with the local authority consent aspect required to complete the evidence requirement in section C.

Our experience is that many garages who approach us discover that this aspect of the application form is too difficult for them to navigate themselves. It is not unusual for example for them to discover that a planning application is required even for an established garage.

Our expertise can in some instances eliminate the need for a planning application since we have become knowledgeable in the Town & Country classification act and can overcome a lot of the objections which might be raised.

Of course we cannot guarentee that a planning application can be avoided, however should one be required, we can quickly apply and manage this aspect of the application evidence with a strong argument that has strength in planning terms in turn minimising the risk of a refusal being issued.

If you need to discuss the specifics of your problem then call for expert advice on 0844 800 9785.

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FREE site visit

If you want an MoT test bay in your garage then you may need professional assistance. GETECH provide a FREE on-site consultation for garages wishing to add MOT to their services, a service that includes a dimensional assesment of the premises and advice as to how best achieve the MoT bay in your garage. Before we leave your site it is possible for us to give you a full and frank report on achieving the bay as well as a detailed written quotation where required.

If you wish to book a free* on site consultation just call our MoT department specialists on 0844 800 9785.

* If special timing is required a charge will apply for this meeting

VT01 - Application for MOT Authorisation

The VT01 is the official application form sent into the DVSA in order for get approval to run an MOT testing station. The application consists of information on the garage owners but also requires the input of other external sources before a sucessful application can be made.

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Whilst applying for an MOT testing station licence has become easier in recent years, there are still a number of pieces of submission evidence which can cause delays and confusion for new applicants with no previous experience of the MOT scheme.

The most likely areas where new applications fail or stall is with "local authority consent" - as councils have become more astute at dealing with formal enquiries by forcing a planning application of some level or another; or the "installation drawing" since no indication of what is required is given within the application paperwork.

It is not uncommon in our experience to uncover that the wrong planning permission is in place for the current garage operation. In times of difficulty such as this it is often easier to task the whole of the paperwork application process to a professional supplier such as ourselves as we can navigate our way through the application procedure in a shorter time than you might be able to achieve yourself.

For more information on how we can assist you with your current application, or to employ us to deliver you a complete turnkey solution then please call 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.

  • VT01 Project Management
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    All products prices inc VAT and delivery to the UK mainland