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Wheel Alignment Equipment

Wheel alignment used to be the preserve of the bodyshop market but more and more general garages have realised the massive opportunity that offering wheel alignment can bring - as a result the numbers of garages offering wheel alignment has increased in recent years. The growth has been driven by motorists who are becoming better informed on the savings that can be made in fuel usage and tyre wear if their vehicle is aligned correctly - something which gives the garage the unique opportunity to capture every time a vehicle enters the garage premises.

We have wheel alignment equipment suitable for all garage operations from a basic laser 2 wheel alignment system through to full chassis and geometry checking equipment all of which can be combined with an in-ground sideslip tester which will immediately flag any vehicle entering the premises where an alignment check would be beneficial to the customer.

For more information on our wheel alignment equipment you can browse the product list below or call 0844 800 9785 for specific advice.



GEMCA - Wheel Aligner

This new Laser alignment system for Motor Cycles facilitates exceptionally accurate alignment of the rear wheel and drive chain. It is quick, simple and accurate and a complete diagnosis of the rear wheel in two planes can be carried out in less than 2 minutes.


  • Measures from the Fulcrum point of the motorcycle, the swinging arm
  • Attaches to the motorcycle by means of a revolutionary fixture
  • Quick and easy fixing to swinging arm spindle
  • All measurements are taken from one position
  • Uses an elongated laser beam
  • Laser beam produces a straight edge in two planes
  • Made from high quality materials and components
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Battery operated
  • No moving parts within the laser head
  • Wall board presentation
  • Designed and manufactured by Supertracker
  • Neat and compact
  • Cost effective
  • Works in conjunction with all types of motorcycle stand

GE1LCHC24 Wheel Aligner

Still the best selling wheel aligner on the market and very popular with main dealerships, manufacturers, as well as most independents. The GE1LCHC24 saves space by being fixed to the wall on a suspended unit although a cabinet version is also available if required.

With no roll back or run out required and no requirement for a specialised wheel alignment lift, this wheel aligner provides the operator with the "as driven readings" required to make suitable adjustments to the subject vehicle.

Standard Equipment:

1 x Pair of Measuring Heads
1 x Pair Wheel Hangers 12" to 22"
1 x Recharging Wall Mounted System
1 x Pair Rear Scales Assembly
1 x Steering Wheel Lock
1 x Pair Turn Plate Bases
1 x Pair Dished Turn Plates
1 x Auto Data Chart
1 x Instruction Book
1 x Illuminated wall mounted display light box
1 Years Warranty

Optional Equipment:

Wheel Hangers 13” to 24”
Rim Button Extensions
Ball Bearing Turn Plates
Run Up Ramps
Castor/ Camber upgrade kit
Off Road Wheel Hangers
Low Spoiler Wheel Hangers


GE210R Wheel Aligner

The GESTR210 wheel alignment unit features the latest technology and covers all aspects of adjustment achievable on a modern vehicle chassis. Analysis speed is higher than competitor units increasing the number of alignments that can be achieved within the working day.
Quick checks can be carried out on vehicles virtually anywhere on the workshop floor or even outside. Thus only the cars proven to need adjustment will take up ramp time. The STR210 can be used on a Full Wheel Alignment Lift, Standard Four Post Lift, 2 Post Lift, Pit or level surface.

The easy to use step by step alignment programme using Linux operating system which offers speed and reliability as with a linux operating system you also eliminate the damage to the system by electrical spikes or accidental switch off or power cuts.

Standard Equipment:

1 x Mobile Computer Workstation
1 x Linux Computer
1 x 19” Colour Monitor
1 x Computer Keyboard
1 x Printer
4 x Digital Infra Red Measuring Heads
1 x Battery Charging System
1 x Foot Brake Pedal Depressor
1 x Steering Wheel Lock
4 x Wheel Hangers 12” to 24”