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Workshop Design Service

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A large proportion of our work involves the integration of new equipment into existing business premises and it is for that reason that GETECH garage equipment are the ideal choice to assist with the complete planning and execution of new workshop builds from conception through to realisation.

It is imperative to ensure that your business gains the maximum use from the workshop floor space that you have available, and our on site planning service can help you to achieve this quickly and easily as our project managers not only have in-depth knowledge of regulation requirements but are also fully CAD competent. This means that in one sitting with our specialist, we can plan and design your workshop from the first principles and also supply the detailed quotations and product information that you will require to make an informed choice.

Additionally, since you will be talking to the manufacturer of many of the products you might consider integrating to your new garage, than we can answer your questions thoroughly, accurately and ensure that the selection of equipment that you make will result in the maximum benefit to your business.

Beyond the planning stages, we are able to assist with any civil, electrical or other project management requirements that might be required to achieve the overall project milestones; even cost-effective lease packages are available to finance the project!

In combining these areas, GETECH are able to offer a hub for all your requirements and it is for this reason that we have been used by OEM sites including those of FORD, BMW, FIAT, SEAT, DUCATI, SINNIS, Peugeot and CITROEN.

For a bespoke and surprisingly cost effective solution contact GETECH Garage Equipment on 0844 800 9785



CAD Drawings

We have a team of CAD experts who are able to expertly advise you on all types of garage equipment installation. In order to complete the necessary drawings for VOSA or your new garage venture we conduct a site visit, produce the drawings on site and agree which schemes are preferred before generating supporting drawings for all services.

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There is a balance to strike when designing a workshop layout either from scratch or when consolidating an existing workshop to include new equipment, an MOT testing bay or even just to improve work flow through the workshop.

We can visit your site, survey the complete environment and then produce a series of drawings to allow your business to develop through new equipment installations or flow improvements. Our expertise will enable you to balance the quantity of equipment with the space envelope you have available which means you won't end up in a cramped working environment or in one which has insufficient capacity to allow you business to flourish.

If you are integrating a new MOT testing facility and have applied to the DVSA you may have been refused permission on your original application due to the inadequacecy of the drawings you supplied. GETECH can be employed to produce this drawing, and also the additional civil and electrical installation drawings you will need post pre-approval to successfully achieve the approval of the premises once the equipment has been installed.

To speak to us about a DVSA drawing requirement, a relocation project, new start workshop or other project where CAD coupled with our expertise will enable you to maximise your chances of success then call 0844 800 9785 to talk things through with a design expert.

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