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Motorcycle Bay

A 'ready to run' package of modern mot equipment coupled with manufacturer level support services to achieve a VOSA approved class 2 motorcycle mot bay in the shortest time possible. Read more by clicking here...


MoT Pit Bays

If you are limited on headroom then all is not lost if you want to add an MoT facility to your garage. Opting for a GETECH inspection pit package means that you can still achieve approval for all types of bay including ATL.



An OPTL is an opportunity to test with a single man for minimum spend. A main benefit of this package is with the modular equipment design which enables you the flexibility to upgrade to ATL or combined testing in the future.


ATL MoT Bays

ATL or Automated Test Lanes are the latest generation of test bay used within the MoT scheme. ATL's give the chance to half your manpower costs whilst offering a totally repeatable test on any vehicle in its 'as presented' condition.


Service Department

To support our products we use an in-house service department with sufficient engineers to maintain our products in the field. Having in-house engineers ensures that we can give you immediate assistance in 'times of crisis'.


Full Product Range

A complete range of automotive garage equipment that is suitable for all nationwide professional workshops and MoT stations. Our entire equipment range is manufactured within Europe to ensure the highest levels of quality possible.



We offer competitve lease purchase deals on our entire range of garage equipment. Irrespective of if you are a new start business or have an existing trading history, we can provide exceptionally good rates for your project.


Other Services

GETECH are capable of supplying many additional services in support of your garage. For new projects we can assist with CAD drawings, full local authority planning applications as well as civil and electrical provision.